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Ladies Night, Saturday, June 29

9 Studs to start.
3 to place trackside.
1 Hot Blood will hoof-it into the Winner's Circle!

Ciovert Action

I’m Covert Action, Secretariat’s grandson and Celebrity Host of the first-ever "MR. TRF" Second Chances Stakes! Get ready for the ultimate girls night out for Thoroughbred fans on Ladies Night at Colonial Downs!

Who’s is in field?

There are 27 of us ex-racehorses in the TRF Herd at James River but we’ve narrowed the line-up to 9 Studs to compete for your hearts and votes.

Manes have been pulled, coats shined, hooves glossed. Our inmate caretakers at Barn 4 got it straight from the horses’ mouths:


• What do you admire in a mare?
• What’s your most striking personality trait?
• What’s your philosophy on life?

And, these guys will give you the scoop on what really matters to women and mares: How do these geldings behave in a relationship?

They have the inside track on us because we spend a lot of time together. They take care of us, and in return, we teach them about horses. The men get certified in stable management, and we Thoroughbreds get a second career off the track. It’s a second chance for all of us.

Vote for your pick to win "Mr. TRF" through Noon, Friday, June 28th, and then join me Saturday on Ladies Night for the final phase of the Second Chances Stakes. 3 Super Studs with the most on-line fans will strut their stuff trackside for racing fans to vote which Hot Blood hoofs-it into the Winner’s Circle!

As Celebrity Host one of my duties is to put my hoof-out to raise donations for the stakes purse. If you believe in second chances, please put some money down to bet on us saving horses and helping men.

I’ll see you at Colonial Downs! Save all your kisses for me!

Tater Regal Choice


Voting for "Mr. TRF" is now closed.

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Come back daily to check the odds on your favorite and which Herd Hotties are in the lead!

Help the HorsesWill you contribute to the "Mr. TRF" Second Chances purse? The entire TRF Herd will share in the take — including the mares!

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"Mr. TRF" Second Chances Stakes Purse
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THANK YOU FOR VOTING in the "Mr. TRF" Second Chances Stakes!

See you at the track, Ladies Night!

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